Schedule GROOMING 


Groom: Full

$130.00 ~ Full groom. At least 2 shampoos (more if needed to get squeaky clean), 2-3 conditioners (Chris Christensen products), ear rinse (purple stuff), eye rinse (saline), toe pad rinse (chlorhexidine); hand full blow out (no cage drying), small dematting; Ice on Ice or Crown Royal #3 coat spray; feet/face/hygiene shave, hand scissoring, nails clipped and ground; ears maintained (plucking only if the airflow is blocked, otherwise I will comb and trim.). As needed with no extra charge depending on what is going on with the coat;I may use extra conditioning, flea/tick (pyrethrin or herbal), whitening, blackening, degreasing, urine enzyme), zinc oxide dusting (for skin that may rash), eye ointment (if redness.) I don't hold back for up charges, they will get the best I have every time.

Groom: Providential Poodle Puppy 

$85.00 ~ Thank you for helping keep your puppies good grooming habits.

Groom: Go Home

$30.00 ~ We're just tidying up from being out in the country. Bath blow dry hygiene and nails. (Please book a full groom if you want a full groom.)

Groom: Nails Only

$15.00 ~ Clip and Dremel

Groom: A Long

$250.00 ~ Groom along with me! Walk through the entire grooming process. Hands on training.