Poodles have runny eyes.
Poodles have itchy skin.
Poodles have yeasty smelly ears and feet. 
Poodles need prescription food from the vet. 
Poodles have allergies!


Your pup and your pups dam has been fed raw. 

98% of problems will never manifest and/or will resolve if you follow these three rules:

1) No Chicken in kibble (whole raw or boneless cooked is fine)
2) More protein (from animal sources - no pea/legume protien) than carbs 
3) Raw bones weekly (shiny white teeth)

That's it. 

I feed kibble, give raw meals two-three times a week, give hard-boiled eggs with shells on weekly, top with plain yogurt on occasion, let the dogs eat whatever I am eating when I'm done (NEVER WHILE I AM EATING). 

Now, it's nearly impossible to find kibble that isn't full of chicken or the protein isn't mostly from peas (legumes). If you find some.... please text it to me. I would love to rotate more options for my dogs' food. 

To get you started, I have found these varieties (note that the brands have other varieties that have chicken and or legume.)  Chewy (get a coupon through this link.). 
Inception Pork and Fish,
Dr. Gary's best breed Freshwater, and Coldwater.
American natural premium legume, free chicken, free TurkeyDuckBeefFish
SportDog Food Tracking Sled, Herding Dock and Cub and any of the non-chicken Ziwi's or Steves.  Again, no affiliate links. Find your best price.