Our retired dogs are typically dogs that have lived with us most, if not their whole life to this point. Any dogs that come back to me (Providential Poodle will never be in a shelter or rescue situation if within my power to avoid it) will also be listed here. We do not typically have many that become available so those interested in potentially getting on our waitlist for a retiree or a back to me must understand that the wait can be long — up to months or years.  Fees are individually based.  Sometimes we have younger dogs that we held back as possible breeders due to their stellar genetic testing as puppies but later decided against breeding. Placing our dogs and puppies in the right home is of the utmost importance. We want to ensure that our dogs find the best fit possible for their forever home. Although a dog may have the look your family is looking for, more important is to be sure of the perfect fit. Temperament, drive, prey drive, and biddability (eager to do your bidding) are all individual characteristics that vary widely between individual dogs. Intelligence allows for a wide variety in personality. Some of our spoos are spirited, outgoing and spunky while others are mellow, relaxed and subdued, even others are shy, regal and can't be bothered. We can help guide you toward a good match.  

Please add me to the waitlist for a retired adult or older pup.