Providential Poodles (Local) Standard Poodle Purchase Agreement 



Purchase Agreement between Providential Poodles (PP / the breeder) and                                      (the puppy owner/purchaser) dated                                      for (F/M) puppy named Providential’s                                                       ______________________    (PKA)                            Microchip ID                              who is (color)                             with                              markings from AKC Litter                              from Dam                             and Sire                              born on                             .


All PP puppies are registered Limited (no breeding) AKC. AKC will email you the confirmation of registration.  Please confirm email for AKC notifications                                                 (this email WILL BE shared by AKC FOR OTHER SERVICES.) If you would rather AKC not have your email, do not provide it here and I will forward only the registration information to you.

Your new Providential Poodles puppy is guaranteed to be in good health. Vaccine history, worming information, and health check are provided in binder.  PP will complete puppy vaccinations including rabies with Dr. Judy Keller, DMV Sunflower Veterinary. You will be notified of appointments by the litter calendar set up by PP. If you are unable to attend the group appointment, PP will still pay for the vaccination, but you will be responsible for Dr. Keller’s travel fee. PP guarantees the immediate health of the pup at hand-off. There are a great many things that can act quickly on a pup’s health, it is important to confirm that your pup is received in good health with a simple health check. YOUR PUP DOES NOT NEED ANY WORMING, VACCINATING, OR MONTHLY PREVENTATIVE AT THIS INITIAL HEALTH CHECK APPOINTMENT J. PP encourages you to confirm your puppy’s initial health with your own vet (or start a relationship with their current vet) within two days of taking possession of the pup. Your vet may want to set you up for their office’s standard policy/procedure of care. Please initial that you understand your puppy does not need to be vaccinated,         ; does not need to set the next vaccination appointment, ____; does not need to be wormed,         ; does not need to begin monthly preventative medications,          ; does not need to set the spay/neuter appointment, ________; and does not need a special vet diet,          . PP will provide you with your first years' worming needs, complete puppy shots, and provide you with a start of puppy food. Some fervid offices will dismiss a breeder’s policy/procedure and strongly desire their own. Please initial that you understand over-vaccination or duplicate vaccination of a Providential Poodle will **VOID** ALL health guarantees,         .  If the puppy is found to have any life-threatening illness or disease, the puppy must be returned to the breeder with documentation of illness or disease within seven (7) days of purchase. PP will replace the puppy with one of equal value when available or a refund, owner’s choice. PP maintains no liability after the seven (7) day period expires. Please initial that you understand if pup is to be replaced or refunded, PP must have possession of pup within seven (7) days of purchase with documentation of illness or disease from a DVM.              PP will verify diagnosis before replacing/refunding. Taking the puppy to a pet store or a dog park voids this portion of guarantee. Please initial that you understand that taking your puppy to a pet store or dog park within the first seven (7) days of possession will **VOID** the health guarantee against life-threatening illness or disease,         . PP requires desexing at a biologically appropriate age, when growth plates are closed and dog has completed adolescence, ~18 months at minimum. Please initial you understand desexing your puppy prior to Jan of 2021 will void the long-term health guarantee,         . You may need to assure your vet that your pup will be finishing puppy shots series with a veterinarian, has been properly wormed, has had heartworm preventive administered and will be desexed after growth plates close.  

Each PP puppy is guaranteed to the original purchaser for one (1) year against hereditary or genetic diseases and two (2) years against hip dysplasia from the date of purchase stated above. An extensive set of health tests have been done on generations of PP to avoid what is avoidable. Some diseases/defects/maladies have no test, or detectable pattern to enable avoidance. PP stands by our dogs, and stands with you as an advocate for the life of your dog. All dogs will encounter age-related maladies. PP does not guarantee against the normal aging process or unavoidable diseases/defects/maladies. PP will always take back any poodle that we have bred; sometimes within a dog or human life things are unforeseen and life-changing. A PP should never need to be in a rescue. This is an unqualified guarantee (no refund would be available). Providential Poodles values and respects your pet ownership. PP acknowledges that for the first several months and at a lesser extent the following year we have set out some stringent guidelines to follow. We very much appreciate your loving willingness to do what is best for your puppy and advocate fiercely for your pup. If and when any research changes any of our guidelines, we will update you. The best planning requires information. For our future PP’s health and planning it is imperative that we track any significant health problems that arise.  Please initial that you are willing to keep PP updated on any significant health milestones or issues (even onset of normal geriatric conditions and eventual passing),         .


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Please initial here that you understand I wait with anticipation each day to see pictures and updates of PPs! J              J