Providential Poodles Standard Poodle Purchase Agreement (Adult)


Purchase Agreement between Providential Poodle’s (PP / the breeder) and   _________________  (the owner/purchaser) dated ___________________ for fe/male poodle named ____________________ who is (color)  _________________ and was born _________________.  AKC registration number __________________.  Providential Poodles has received $__________ as payment in full for _____________________________. 


Your Providential Poodle is guaranteed to be in good health. ___________ has followed Dr. Dodd’s vaccine protocol.  If you deviate from this protocol, the health guarantee will be void. You will receive a complete history of health records via print ____ email ____. An extensive set of health tests and planning has been done on generations of PP to avoid what is avoidable. Some diseases/defects have no test, or detectable pattern to enable avoidance. PP stands by our dogs and stands with you as an advocate for the life of your dog. All dogs will encounter age-related maladies. PP does not guarantee against the normal aging process, undetectable, or unavoidable maladies.


Specific information on your new poodle:               .


PP will always take back any poodle that we have bred. Some times within a dog or human life things are unforeseen and life-changing. A PP should never need to be in a rescue. This is an unqualified guarantee (no refund would be available). The best planning requires information. For our future PP’s health and planning it is imperative that we track any significant health problems that arise.  Please keep PP updated on any significant health milestones or issues (even onset of normal geriatric conditions and eventual passing.)              


Purchaser (s) Signature


Breeder Signature



PP  (WENDY) would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be sent frequent updates --- NEVER NEVER TOO MUCH!

PP phone is 512-553-6771 and email is